Biking to Build Bridges

implemented on 26-27 July 2014

Project implemented by AO “Pro-Trebujeni” in partnership with the NGO “Casa Comună” from Tiraspol.

The announcement of the event can be seen here.

We built bridges over the Raut River to bring people from the two banks of the Dniester River closer together.

Two teams of volunteers, a total of 48 people, one from Chisinau and another from Tiraspol, went on bicycles to meet on the bank of the Dniester River near village of Ustia, Criuleni, and build bridges in a joint effort.  Those from Chisinau had to cover 45 km, and those from Tiraspol 70 km, that’s only one way, or half the total distance.

Arriving in village Ustia, we started to build bridges and set up a small tent camp.  Because the Dniester River is too wide, the Raut River was chosen.  Raising a floating bridge from tires gave us a bit of a headache.  Many of the participants found themselves in the water.

The mission on the second day was more difficult, as the second bridge built was a suspended one.  It took special training to get through the final bridge, so few brave ones dared to pass it.

The participants in the action said that it was an unforgettable event:

“It’s hard, but we really like it.  We built this bridge and we can move to the other side.”;

“We made new friends”;

“We came from Chisinau, other young people are from Tiraspol and we met here.  We built this bridge together, we cooked polenta.”

Among the participants was a Dutch family:  “I really liked it.  It’s a special experience.  It’s something you don’t do every day.  I decided to participate in this project because I like cycling, I like nature, I also work in the EU delegation in Moldova, and we work hard to resolve the (Transnistrian) conflict,” said the Dutchman, who also represents UN office in Moldova.  He said that he wanted to see how young people from the two banks of the Dniester River interact.

The idea of ​​the project was to give young people, on both banks of the Dniester, the opportunity to try their best in situations when they have to unite for a common mission.  We wanted to teach young people to develop their leadership skills.

The project was also reflected in the media:

On the news Publika TV;

And on the news channel Prime TV.

The project costed more than 2,000 euros and was jointly funded by the Swedish and Danish embassies.

As a result, a Facebook group was also created.

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