International projects in partenership with NGO Outward Bound Romania

Programm Safe Youth 2013

Blog post about this international program by one of the Outward Bound Romania Grundtvig assistants

Video report on the Safe Youth program, September 21-30, 2013, produced by Outward Bound Romania

Safety manual

for outdoor experiential training programs, produced in international partnership under the auspices of Outward Bound Romania

Practice, in international team,

of elaborating, setting and implementing of an outdoor experiential learning program for a school from city Sovata, Romania, September 2013

Community service / volunteering, under the auspices of Outward Bound Romania

Experiential learning and Team-building program for 25 young activists, members of 5 Local Youth Councils from villages Cruglic, Izbişte, Hîrtopul Mic, Cimişeni, Mălăeşti of district Criuleni.  They all signed for the project “Initiatives of the young for a healthy environment and sustainable development ”.

Comments of participants:

  • Unforgettable experience!
  • Initially we though this will train our muscles. We were wrong.  It was much more than just that.  Each activity was pushing us to think.
  • We realized that any obstacle can be passed with contributions of each and everyone.
  • From the very beginning tasks have to be divided in such a way that everyone feels involved and useful.
  • Assertive communication is a main instrument in any activity.
  • Sweet Cherry on the Cake was that jump from the platform – the most beautiful challenge. It was very frightening. Support of my team-mates was crucial.
  • Now, with lessons learned from this day, we are full with energy to contribute to improving social conditions in which we live, to implement our plans for the future.

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