Cooperation with the production plant “GECRI” S.R.L.

At the beginning of the construction of climbing walls, we delivered the raw materials to the plant (GECRI S.R.L.), where, on the basis of the drawings developed by us, the components of the climbing walls were manufactured.  In total, several dozen drawings were handed over to the management of the enterprise.

In the process of work, we repeatedly visited the enterprise, often gave explanations on drawings or some aspects of manufacturing the parts.  At some stage, to speed up the process, we even provided two volunteers from our side for pre-painting preparation of the parts.

The batches of completed parts were checked by us for compliance with the drawings, after which we delivered them to seven points around the country, where the construction of climbing walls took place.  For several years now, these parts, having become parts of climbing walls at seven different points on both banks of the Dniester, have been of great and safe use to athletes-climbers.

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