Summer educational camp

August 12-17, 2014

Educational Summer Camp in the scenery reservation Poiana-Curatura – preparing assistants for instructors in regional centers. For six days the participants had lived in self-administration conditions, hours of study being combined with practical drills. 45 people of different ages and backgrounds passed together through a unique experience. Every day at 5:00 a.m. the first working group woke up to go and climb the real over 20 meters tall near village Socola, district Şoldăneşi. After two hours of climbing, they were returning to camp. This distance, about 1 km, was made on foot, exactly as it happens in real hiking in the mountains – with all the equipment on shoulders and mutual help within the team.

In the camp, the rest of the participants have mastered the theoretical and practical elements used within the experiential learning process, building these elements with their hands.

Every day one working group was taking the logistical duties, providing the participants with food and maintaining order in the camp.

One of the days was dedicated to a specially arranged ropes course – a training field, where visitors were familiarized with some of the elements and even went to real rock-climbing, using professional equipment. This event was attended by over 30 people – guests from throughout Moldova, including people from abroad.
One of the participants at the event said: “This is very important – necessary to facilitate communication and socialization among residents of both banks of the river to develop a spirit of trust and ultimately to develop this sport of climbing/mountaineering “. 

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