Green Run race

2013 edition

The idea of ​​the Green Run project was worn in head for several years, and at the end of 2012 several foreign volunteers from the European Union countries asked to participate in such an event.  This served as a trigger for the organization of the event, in which, in addition to the sports component, one of the ideas of our project was to familiarize participants and spectators with places of touristic, cultural and historical heritage and value, with a change of the venue every year, migrating around the country.  Events should be held in the nature of Moldova, without streets and cars, in the fresh air, surrounded by the historical and cultural spirit and heritage of the region.

The first edition of the Green Run competition took place on June 22, 2013.  For the location, obviously, was chosen the homeland, the commune of Trebujeni, more widely known as the historical, cultural and landscape complex “Old Orhei”.

It was very difficult for both the participants and the organizers.  The high temperatures and the extremely hot summer solstice sun have tested all of us to the limit.  This event was made possible thanks to the efforts of an international team of volunteers, the professionalism of the jury and the medical staff, and the surprisingly high interest of the participants, despite the obvious problem of running in mid-summer at 37 °C without shade.

This idea came true only thanks to the support of each participant, judge, doctor, volunteer and organizer.

The event also received small financial support from the USAID Host Tourism Development Project.

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