Small / local projects

Night street lighting

Within the project “Improvement of the environment of the commune in the area of Old Orhei complex”, formulated and implemented by the AO “Pro-Trebujeni”, the central street of the village of Morovaia was civilized by installing night lighting.  The total amount of the project was over 35 thousand lei, of which 40% covered by the UNDP grant.

Integrated Plan of development

In 2006 AO “Pro-Trebujeni” participated in the elaboration of the integrated Plan of development, management and arrangement of the territory of commune Trebujeni and of the historical-natural complex Old Orhei.  This work was done thanks to the financing of the UNDP, the collaboration with the Local Council and the City Hall of the commune Trebujeni, the Institute of Architecture S.R.L. – the Institute of Urban Development.

Creation of the Information Center of commune Trebujeni

According to the Sustainable Development Strategy of the Trebujeni commune within the project “Local Agenda 21”, in partnership with the City Hall of commune Trebujeni and the UNDP project, in 2005 was opened the Information Center of Trebujeni commune.  It was equipped with 7 computers, a laser printer, copier, fax machine, office furniture for computer workstations.  The center was connected to the Internet and provided information services for the citizens of the Trebujeni commune, non-governmental organizations and local public administration.

AO “Pro-Trebujeni” assumed the administration of the Community Information Center.

Local Agenda 21

In collaboration with the Trebujeni Local Council, the City Hall of Trebujeni Commune, the United Nations Development Project (UNDP), AO “Pro-Trebujeni” participated in the implementation of the “Local Agenda 21” project.  One of the important results was the elaboration of the Sustainable Development Strategy of Trebujeni commune, which was subsequently approved by the Decision of the Trebujeni Local Council.

Local Agenda 21 promotes and seeks to establish a sensible balance between economic growth, social equity and environmental protection.  The “Local Agenda 21” was developed and adopted at the Rio de Janeiro World Summit in 1992, as one of the main tools for promoting sustainable development.

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