Participation in “PETZL Roctrip 2014”, climbing at Baile Herculane, 11-14 September 2014

With personal contribution of participants and due to support from EU/UNDP financed program “Support to Confidence Building Measures”, five representatives of NGOs from both banks of the River Dniester, out of which two from Transnistrian region, took part in this major climbing fest.  It is organized every year by PETZL, a well-known producer of climbing gear.  This time the fest started in Romania at Baile Herculane with a 4-day program.  A large number of climbers from various parts of the world participate in this fest. Nice weather allowed us to climb every day, in average 5 routes per day.

It was a perfect training opportunity, and above all an excellent way to get an international exposure and socialize with climbers from different corners of the earth, from Argentina-USA, of course from Europe to Australia. 

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