programs1Our programs are custom tailored to your needs and to your demographic group. The learning approach appeals to leaders at all levels-whether you are in sales or another client-facing role, lead or participate on a management team, or focus more on the technical aspects of your profession. 

To meet your company’s training needs, we conduct a short research, offering you to fill in the questionnaire. This allows you to participate in designing the program. programs2

Since programs are designed to your specifications you obtain maximum control on content, scheduling flexibility, duration of the program and site selection.

From our experience, we have found that clients contacting us can have different goals regarding their training, sometimes very different understanding of the outdoor educational process.

programs3Whatever your concerns, we can help you find an answer and reduce uncertainty in decision-making. Most of our faci-litators, in addition to qualification in outdoor training, have advanced degrees in their professional fields, with own ma-nagerial experience and consulting in such fields as business development, strategic planning, marketing and sales ma-nagement, organizational effectiveness, quality improve-ment, psychology, among other areas. We provide you with a strong, qualified pool of programs4professional facilitators.

In line with Outdoor Education principles we have also a deep knowledge of site locations around the country, in Romania, Ukraine, and even further. This allows us to fortify the impact of any program by its implementation in the Nature environment.

Thus, we effectively use the water rprograms5esources of Nistru river and several nice lakes around the country to offer nice refreshing environment during hot summer seasons. Such programs include rafting & kayaking elements, activities on natural islands.

We use the advantage of picturesque landscapes within the forested areas or in sites with canyons and waterfalls. Nature-provided facilities serve us as base to deploy the training campground.

Moldovan nature in this sense is full of various resources. During the design of the program we recommend you the most suitable ones for your specific needs and group composition.

Through first programs we learnprograms6 about your background and your goals. As a result we can provide you our own estimate of further needs for your groups.

Studies indicate that adults require multiple touch points in order to internalize new learning. Our programs and workshops are aligned with this philosophy. During the course we evaluate each individual participant and the group overall. When the theme has run its course, we offer sequel programs that allow focus on certain skills, group interactions, and additional knowledge – all according to estimated further training needs.programs7

We have helped hundreds of professionals across various industries to achieve their specific business relationship development needs and support their business objectives. Inquire about our programs today.

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